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No Research Title Action
1 New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP) – A New Paradigm Shift in the ASEAN’s Automotive Ecosystem View
2 Impact of Vehicle Made and Age on Crash Severity View
3 Braking Performance of Aftermarket Brake Pads: A Case Study on Passenger Car in Malaysia View
4 Passenger Car Safety Features Performance Assessment in Real World Crashes View
5 Development of Integrated Driver Performance Monitoring System for Vehicle in Malaysia View
6 Provisional CRASE Crash Centre(PC3) - CRASE View
7 Refinement of non-Destructive Approach for Vehicle Safety Assessment (MyVAP) View
8 The Inaugural In-Dummy MATD Crash Test 2011 View
9 Driving Indicators as Daytime Running Light (DRL): A Study of Masking Effect among Stationary Motorcycles View
10 Effect Of Tire Age, Approval Marking And Climate Exposure On Safety Performance Of After-Sales Passenger Car Tire View
11 Characteristics of Lighting on Small Engine Capacity Motorcycles: A Study of Motorcycle Conspicuity (Phase 1) View
12 Design of New High Energy Rear RUPD for Rigid Heavy Vehicles View
13 Child Motorcycle Pillion Rider Anthropometric Measurement for Motorcycle Design View
14 Refinement of Non-Destructive Approach for Vehicle Safety Assessment (MyVAP) View
15 Analysis of Bus Design in Malaysia with Respect to UNECE R36: A Preliminary Study View
16 An Exploratory Study on Public Knowledge and Attitudes toward Air Bags View
17 A Retrospective Study on Motor Vehicle Side Impact Collisions View
18 Small Car Crashes in Malaysia View
19 Crash Compatibility between Light and Heavy Vehicles in Malaysia: A Preliminary Study View
20 Development of Methodology for Conducting Virtual Coach Rollover Simulation according to UNECE R66 View
21 Evaluating Helmet Performance and Head Injury in Motorcycle Crashes View
22 Provisional CRASE Crash Centre (PC3) – CRASE View
23 Study On Rear-End Marker in Real World Crash View
24 Consumers Purchasing Decision and Car Safety Rating: ASEAN NCAP View
25 Seatbelt Wearing In Passenger Vehicles with Safety Seatbelt Reminders (SBR) In Klang Valley View
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